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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Book I Highly Recommend

Laurie Alice Eakes is a brilliant writer. Her stories carry the reader away into a different reality, an experience that is very like watching an excellent movie. You can smell the air, whether pleasant or rank. You can feel the texture, whether smooth or rough. You can hear the sounds, whether soothing or shrill. You can see…everything in all its beauty or ugliness, and all that lies in between. Without effort, you learn about some wonderful slice of history you never knew before. Best of all, you meet characters who are real and warm and so very humanly flawed that you cannot help but love them. And so it is with Heart’s Safe Passage. Take an unlikely heroine, a wealthy midwife widow, and pair her with a roguish privateer captain, have him kidnap her (for a good cause, of course), and you have just been launched on an exciting tale of love, hate, revenge, and forgiveness that you won’t soon forget. Although I raced to finish the book, I was sad when it ended. For the first time in ages, I wept happy tears for a tale well told and a more than satisfying happily ever after.


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