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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rejected by man, accepted by God!

Wow! It's been over a year since I posted news of my books. But, finally, I have a new indie release. Daughter of Destiny is a romance novella that tells the story of two young Christians, both sure of their love for God, but not so sure of their love for each other. Here's the story:

Second choice. These words haunt Leah Smith as she agrees to marry Reverend Jonah Adams, the man she has loved since childhood, the man who first proposed to another woman. Placing God’s will above her own heart’s longing to be loved by Jonah, she accepts his businesslike proposal and sails with him to the distant South Pacific Island of her birth.
Rejected. The word laps at Jonah Adams’s mind like the violent wave that surround him. Why has God rejected his well-designed plan of missionary service?
Daughter of Destiny is available on Kindle (just click the title), NOOK, and Smashwords.
Keywords: South Pacific, missionary, romance, Hawaii, rejection, 1820, sailing, adventure, Pele, red-haired.
Please take a look!


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